Altruism is a trait we rarely find in the modern world. An abundance of negative information is thrown at us all of the time. This causes people to shut down, protect what is theirs and run from the world. EaSWay’s main goal is to combat these exact self-centered focuses.

There is a theory called 'empathy-altruism hypothesis', which states if someone feels empath towards another person, they will help them, regardless of what they can gain from it. EaSWay believes that if you can look at another person and truly understand where they are coming from, whether it be their beliefs, motives or ethics, then we can begin creating a world that finds equilibrium through the interconnectedness of all people.

EaSWay is bringing this belief into practice by offering away a portion of the earnings from his music related ventures to organizations that foster the creativity of children. Proceeds are being donated to these groups because, through seeing another’s art, you can learn more about that person and potentially begin to empathize with who they are.

EaSWay repeatedly emphasizes his desire to help and give back because, he believes, at the end of the day, the only thing more important than the art we create is the impact we make.

To prove that he stands behind this belief, EaSWay is donating  a percentage of future revenues from art and merchandise sales to the All Stars Project, Inc., a non-profit with the goal of "bringing young people from some of the most isolated communities into [America's] mainstream."

Find out more about All Stars Project here: https://allstars.org/



EaSWay (Easweh Harrison) (born April, 12 1995) is an American rapper, songwriter, painter and designer. Born in San Francisco, California, EaSWay began making music under the influence of his older brother at the age of 12. Throughout the next 6 years, EaSWay released 5 mixtapes which all garnered him local and international recognition; continuing to grow as an artist and a human being. 

At 18 years old, EaSWay moved to Los Angeles, California, in order to continue developing his musical career; all the while pursuing a degree from the University of Southern California. While in Los Angeles, EaSWay began painting and creating digital designs, making pieces on commission for businesses and personal clients. With all of his pieces, musical or of the arts, EaSWay attempts to spark constructive dialogue about things that go on in the world that may not be discussed in such public spaces.

Currently living in Los Angeles, EaSWay continues to create music and art that influences his audience to think, question and create within the world around them. EaSWay understands that the only thing more important than the art he creates is the impact it makes. Truly seeing the world through an altruistic lens, EaSWay hopes to change the world for the better, for all of us.